Ahoy Captain Cats here and it’s time for a cartoon news round-up

One of France’s premier animation studio Prima Linea has closed its doors. According to Cartoon Brew the studio, last film The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily () was praised for its beautiful artwork and storytelling, the film budget was at 11 million euros and it did poorly in the box offices in Europe. Valerie Schermann, Co-Founders of Prima Linea had this to say about the future of the industry in France:

“With the future looking pretty dark for cinema in general and animation in particular, you may as well give up on a medium that requires larger budgets, where the CNC [the French governmental agency responsible for funding cinema] — without which we couldn’t have made the film — can’t cover the financial shortfalls of the market.” – Valerie Schermann, Co-Founders of Prima Linea

Sad news to report from Mexico, Mexican voice actor and dubbing artist Luis Alfonso Mendoza was killed in Mexico City, he was 55. It was reported in various Mexican news outlets, that Mendoza, his wife, and brother-in-law were murdered by a tenant who was renting space from him. The tenant is in serious condition in a hospital in Mexico City after trying to take his own life. Mendoza was the voice of Gohan in the Dragon Ball series since 1996 and Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in Looney Tunes Cartoons all in Latin America Spanish. We send our condolences to their families and love ones and thank you, Luis Alfonso Mendoza, for bringing so many wonderful characters to life for us kids who grew up watching Spanish TV and we still do to this day.