Ahoy Captain Cats here and big news happen last Friday that no one did see coming at all and that big news is Dan DiDio, the Co-Publisher of DC Comics for the past 10 years has left the company.

According to ComicBook.com that DC Comics has 100% confirm that DiDio is no longer with them as of last Friday. Dan DiDio was appointed by the former president of DC Comics at the time Diane Nelson alongside Jim Lee for over ten years as Co-Publishers had a lot of ups and some big downs.

As of now, DC Comics has not released any official statement on the matter, but once they do we will report on the matter as soon as we can. The two big questions about DiDio exit is this: what is going to happen at DC Comics from here on out and will DC find a replacement for DiDio or let Lee run the show? Only time will tell about this matter and if it will affect DC Comics positively or negatively.