Yo Ho! WeRCatz (formally known as Nightrider and yes it’s a work in progress here) here!

So, Bojack Horseman. The end.

After a long ride following Bojack, we the viewer are seeing the end of what is considered one of the greatest adult animation shows of the 2010’s period even if the ending is compulsory. What makes the second half of the last season of Bojack notable is that Bojack’s demise could happen to anyone at any time; it’s as close to real life as possible. Let’s take one last look at the guy one last time.

We begin with Bojack finally moving up in the world and achieve a sense of peace; he teaches at the same university that Hollyhock attends much to her chagrin. However, instead of being excited that her half-brother is kicking it with her (almost consistently), she begins setting up defenses against Bojack. This is due to what I mentioned in my previous review of the first half of Season 6: she found out about Tesuque, New Mexico but is willing to weave through it for the sake of the family.

Diane is struggling to make her story about her life to the point she stops taking her meds and almost breaks down. But thanks to support from her boyfriend Guy and friends, she takes her meds and creates a YA story about Ivy Tran; Tran is a teenaged sleuth who works and hangs at the mall and solves mysteries in the mall. She flourishes due to positive publicity but is irked that Mr. Peanutbutter can easily make a book about his life.

As for Mr. Peanutbutter, he is still having his girlfriend Pickles sleep with men due to Mr.’s infidelity. But now comes the conclusion to this issue: he wants Pickles to sleep with his new friend Joey Pogo so that the infidelity is even and that Pickles can finally marry him.

Todd is still doing Tod things and failing up as usual. However, he is in a healthy relationship with Maude, an asexual bunny.

Princess Carolyn is still dealing with motherhood but better now thanks to Judah’s help. They make a great team and she spends most of the second half of the season helping Bojack out of his problems.

The last three episodes are what make the ending so heartbreaking. After the second interview where Bojack reveals his sexual relationship with Sarah Lynn and the fact that he was unaware that he could have saved her life in the planetarium, he gets an invitation to his former producer Angela; Angela was responsible for Bojack and Herb Kazzaz’s relationship to fall horribly apart. Knowing that he is almost dirt broke, Angela uses the old Hollywoo deal that will benefit only the producer. In this case, she will give him a lot of money and media protection in exchange for relinquishing any rights and royalties to the show “Horsin’ Around.” She convinces him to get drunk and sign the papers; he gets very angry at the revelation that she had to boot Herb to keep her job and money.

The penultimate episode is what many fans and viewers consider the true ending of the series. On a wild drunken bender filled with drugs, Bojack breaks into his old home and everything goes black. He sees people in his life who are dead welcoming Bojack to a “farewell party” that has Bojack scared. One by one, his former friends disappear into a doorway and never come back. Secretariat (as Bojack’s dad) is the voice of “life” by telling Bojack that he is dying in his old pool via drowning. Sensing that he wants to live, he tries to call Diane, remembering that he actually did but could not remember what he left in her voicemail. Finally, Bojack is sucked through the door; the door is the representation of death.

The very last episode shows the aftermath of Bojack’s brush with death: he gets saved but is promptly arrested after coming too. Eventually, he goes to jail for 14 months for breaking and entering. After a year passes, he is allowed to see the wedding of Judah and Princess Carolyn. Mr. Peanutbutter is the only friend loyal to Bojack but ditches him at the wedding party. He shares a moment with Todd who gives him odd but good advice with reference to “The Hokey Pokey.” Bojack then dances with Princess Carolyn who tells him that even though he got #cancelled, Bojack has been getting a lot of positive buzz because of his stint in a low brow comedy movie he did with #cancelled actor Vance Waggoner. Bojack does not want to be in Hollywoob but asks Princess that if she could represent him should he make a comeback. Sensing that he is jumping the gun, she recommends him to someone else but in a way that she isn’t saying no.

The most talked-about moment is when Bojack shares a moment with Diane on the rooftop like they used to do. She married Guy and moved to Texas with him. She is becoming a successful YA writer with Ivy Tran and is content with her life away from Hollywoob. Bojack reveals that he is doing much better and that in a few months he will be released from jail with prospects of volunteering away from Hollywoob. However, she is mad at Bojack because of the voice message he left her: Diane was in tears after Bojack’s attempted suicide but enraged that Bojack implied that it would be HER fault for not rescuing him. Diane points out that she was angry for letting him force her to give Bojack power over her. As they clear that issue, Bojack jokes to Diane whether they will never meet again after the wedding; she got very hesitant but somehow expresses that she is glad that Bojack was in her life and that that part is over. He accepts this but asks her to stay and listen to a prison story before spending an awkward quiet moment under the stars.

Most fans would say that the “compulsory ending” of Bojack suggests that there is hope in the relationship between Bojack and Diane. Their body language shows they may not be ready to part ways forever due to their close friendship. In real life, it’s very hard to say goodbye to close friends and yet it’s very easy to walk away when the relationship goes very sour. This must be Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s way of saying that yes, Bojack Horseman is gone and it will be very hard to stop watching the show. But at the same time, Bob-Waksberg’s show that sometimes it’s for the best to move on to another show despite the fact that Bojack Horseman could continue more if the show wasn’t canceled.

At the very least give “Character Actress” Margo Martindale her own series or bring back Tucca and Bertie!