Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to see the best and worst of 2019 with what happened in the world of cartoon and animation, so let us focus on the worst and next week the best.

Cartoon Network ended Steven Universe
While Steven Universe is keeping going with side story epilogue series “Steven Universe Future” the series has officially ended earlier this year and once the future ends we don’t know if the series will continue or not.

Netflix ends Bojack and Cancel Tuca & Bertie
Netflix dug themselves a huge hole with the announcements of ending BoJack Horseman after 6 amazing seasons and doing the stupid 2 part season-ending which is stupid. They had a great replacement with Tuca & Bertie, which many thoughts were going to be a spin-off of BoJack Horseman and many were saying it was “The female BoJack” series and boy were they so wrong. Tuca & Bertie blew not only everyone away, but was nothing like BoJack and did its own thing and it was amazing. Sadly Netflix didn’t think so and renew Big Mouth for a few more seasons and a spin-off and axed the one show that could continue what Bojack Horseman did for Netflix, being the best damn series that was exclusive to them.

Disney Fox Deal
Not to get in-depth with what happened, I’ll just cut to the chase. After the deal, a lot of upcoming projects, both live-action and animated were either on the chopping block or on the back burner for the unforeseeable future. As of now the last two films that will be distributed by Fox will be Spies in Disguise on Christmas this year and Nimona with a January 2022 release. The first two films that will be released under the Disney banner will be the Bob’s Burgers film with a July 2020 release and Ron’s Gone Wrong with a February 2021 release. From here on out we don’t know what’s going to happen but if the way how Disney keeps growing at this rate, we may never see anything new at all.

There you go that was the worst of cartoon in 2019 and next week we are going to see the best of cartoons in 2019.