Yo Ho! Nightrider here!

Netflix has a 2017 Thai language action-comedy film titled Oversize Cops. It tells the story of four overweight cops that couldn’t catch a thief due to their being fat. As a result, the chief implements a strict weight program such that if they don’t meet the requirements in the health test within three months they will be shipped to the border for border patrol and never be cops again. As the captain sympathizes and helps the four cops to lose weight, a bank robbery takes place and the group has to deal with the crime as well.

The action is pretty good even though it parodies action sequences in cop movies from time to time. Certain key parts of the fight scenes are broken apart by a comedic action that leaves the cops embarrassed.

I actually enjoyed this film. The dialogue between the cops and the captain reminds me of Stephen Chow and his movies. For instance, when three of the cops want to quit losing weight two of them have a valid reason and express those reasons dramatically; the third nonchalantly states that he’s hungry. Another gag in the film is that another cop, Lieutenant Pao, is himself fat but is exempt from the health requirements because he captures crooks easily. Pao parodies the scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier when Steve Rogers meets Sam Wilson during a running scene.

There are some intrigue and drama as well. When the protagonist Can berates his three friends for their lack of progress of losing weight and inadvertently calls them fat, they take major offense: they are used to being called fat by everyone but not when a dear friend calls them that.

This movie shows that just because one is fat doesn’t mean that they can’t accomplish anything. Getting the job done should be the one priority regardless of weight. As for the ending of the film, I was left laughing at the result: you can’t look cool when something small and stupidly embarrassing happens.