Ahoy Captain Cats here and this week I’m going to review the second issue of Christopher Cantwell/Salvador Larroca run of Doctor Doom.

The issue picks up where the first issue left off where Doom turns himself in to the authorities for a crime he didn’t commit and to save his people from a bloodshed war. We see Doom without his iconic mask and you can see the upper half of his face while the lower half is cover by his cape, good move by the creative team to show this. We soon see members of Wild Pack, Amy Chen and the group leader Silver Sable with Dr. Strange and H.E.R.B.I.E, an android that was built by Mr. Fantastic to be the eyes of the Fantastic Four. After some exchange of words, we see a war room meeting about what Latveria is doing to make sure there is no war. We see Doom monologue about what the world is thinking and laughs to himself till Kang shows up and tells Doom that he see a future where Doom has earth under his rule and becomes peaceful. Anger by this, Doom demands Kang to free him, which he does and ends up in NYC. Soon he is spotted by Morgan Le Fey and she invites him to her place in Queens. After the meet and greet, we see Doom and Fey talking about the visions he was seeing in the first issue and he wants answers to all of this, not before he is handed a beat-up mask. Soon we see Le Fey and Doom meeting up with The Witness, a being who can tell you your future and how you die. I won’t give away what happens at the end of the issue but it has caught my eyes.

Cantwell and Larroca have done a fine job with issue 2 here. The story is folding out at a great pace, we are seeing a side of Doom that hasn’t been explored before, a Doom that can’t except earth he has conquered in the future and becomes weak and happy. Not only that but we also see a human side to him as well when he talks to Le Fay. This series may be one of the hidden gems of this year if it continues to come out this good every month.