Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review the latest mini-series that DC just wrap up with DCeased.

So the premises of this series is that a new virus hits Earth and the heroes of the entire DCU didn’t see this coming. Throughout the 6-issue mini-series, you see so much story and character development, gut-punching moments and moments of humanity. Tom Taylor, who wrote the acclaimed Injustice series, did a wonderful job telling this dark, emotional story and with Trevor Hairsine and James Harren doing the artwork on this made it enjoyable to read and see.

The only thing I didn’t like and I think most people will agree, how the way it ended. To me, it was a cop-out and they should have done a better ending or even thew in a twist ending but no. In the end, DCeased is a great mini-series, besides the ending, the series work as a mini-series, no more no less. Would I like to see a part two to this, maybe if they don’t do another cop-out ending.