Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review the pilot episode of Vivienne Medrano’s Hazbin Hotel and spoilers it doesn’t disappoint.

The Hazbin Hotel is a series that focuses around Charlie, the princess of Hell and her mission to rehabilitating demons so they can go to Heaven and stop the yearly extermination of the overpopulation in hell. If only things were so simple, but not in hell, every chance Charlie gets to make a good impact and a step forward in progress, she gets a negative response and sets her back a few steps.

The series makes you feel for Charlie and you can see it on her face and when she and her manager/girlfriend Vaggie are on screen, you can see how they interact with one another they have this wonderful chemistry. The two other characters that stole the spotlight from Charlie are Angel Dust and Alastor, every time they are on screen they just scream spotlight.

The art design and environment for the series are wonderful, different and original. This series has this style I can’t put into words but it somehow reminds me of the artwork of BioShock 1&2 with an interesting color pallet choice that I haven’t seen in cartoons for a long time. The animation is great, the effects with Alastor and the explosions are wonderful.

The voice acting cast brings the characters to life and they did a phenomenal job with them. The quick banter, the music singing, lots of innuendos and whatever comes out of Angel Dust’s mouth is pure gold. Hazbin Hotel is not meant for kids and if you have time watch this gem of a series.

We have a link here if you want to see the pilot episode.