Yo Ho! Nightrider here!

Bojack Horseman’s 6th and final season premiered on 25 October, except it’s only the first half of the season that is released; Part 2 will premiere on 31 January 2020. So what will happen to Bojack and the gang?

Beware of Spoilers! But then again, you can binge-watch in an afternoon.

We start off with Bojack slowly but surely going through with rehab at Pastiches and genuinely cleaning himself up after seeing reminders of Sarah Lynn during his treatments. Meanwhile, Princess Carolyn struggles to deal with her job and her new responsibilities as a parent. Diane goes on the road with cameraman Guy for Girl Croosh and develops something with him even though she is struggling to find something permanent in her life. Mr. Peanutbutter is struggling to keep his upbeat attitude while his growing guilt of cheating on his fiance Pickles with Diane further torments him. Todd is still being Todd and doing Todd things to fail upwards – until his father shows up.

This first half went from dark to optimistic with some hints of dark and finally to impending doom. It’s great to see some more character progress and continuity throughout this half-season. Princess Carolyn begins to adapt to her life changes in a slow-but-positive light while Diane is beginning to live her life (with some difficulties) in Chicago while staying in touch with the gang. We also see how Bojack is actually responsible for young Sarah Lynn’s decline to substance abuse as well as its aftermath.

However, sometimes progress leads to the cold truth. In the episode “Surprise!” Todd gathers friends and loved ones for a surprise wedding celebration for Pickles and Mr. Peanuttbutter. Mr. then decides to tell the truth about his infidelity and the whole episode is a hilarious mess where the guests hide while listening in on the argument.

We also get to see a little more of Todd’s backstory when Todd’s father Jorge visits with Todd’s mom needing a kidney. Here’s when reality kicks in. Todd is angry at his parents because they were “mean” to him while Jorge reminds Todd that they raised him tough so that he can withstand life’s cruelness. With Diane’s help, they get Todd’s kidney back (he sold it for sock puppets for Ruthie). Todd is indeed a failure in life and should probably be on the street with his Todd things, but to his father’s shock and state of being flabbergasted Todd fails up and they get away with no troubles. At the hospital, Todd coldly responds to Jorge about not wanting to visit his mom and the two part ways losing in the end.

While Bojack reverts his hair to its natural color and applying for a job at Hollyhock’s college in Connecticut, many minor characters from seasons past make cameos. We see Bojack’s ex Gina as a Hollywoo star but is now creating her personal demons because of her decision to keep her traumatic episode with Bojack a secret. Director Kelsey Jannings gets a deal to make a female-centered superhero movie after voicing criticism about gender equality in Hollywoo. But more devastatingly, a female pig reporter with a nose for truffles and news works with Repeat Pete to simply find out about Sarah Lynn’s death; they both end up lost near Tesuque, New Mexico to find out more about Sarah Lynn’s “friend” who was with her at her last moments. Finally, the cliffhanger where one of those people from Tesuque, New Mexico helps Hollyhock out of her anxiety attack during a party where he relates his horrific experience with alcohol with a certain movie star; the show ends with him about to say said movie star’s name…

Once again, progress is a major theme in this season of Bojack Horseman. Nobody is looking back (except for the two reporters) and everyone is moving on in their own way. Relevant issues come to play as well: the assistants going on strike is reminiscent of the strike between the Writers Guild of America and the “big 4” talent agencies that led to writers firing their agents. Kelsey Jannings’ argument to Hollywoo producers about gender equality permeates Hollywood practices but still has a long way to go. Serious issues, such as Mr. Peanutbutter’s “depression,” are treated as excuses for bad behavior. Rehab practices for troubled Hollywood stars are not properly handled but are treated as an extension of the Hollywood experience. Society lets Todd fail upwards because, as Jorge points out, he is white.

I’m sure that everyone is speculating what will be in the second half of the sixth and final season of Bojack Horseman. But one thing will be constant: everything will point to Bojack, Sarah Lynn, and New Mexico. This will not end well as everyone (even minor characters) will be affected by Bojack’s past. As for Bojack himself, he is really moving to better himself. But he will finally have to face ALL of his past actions which may lead to a very dark tragedy. 2020 will have a devastating start on 31 January.