Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review the newest monthly series from one of Marvel’s greatest characters of all time with Doctor Doom #1

The book starts with news anchors talking about a black hole to be created on the moon and had Dr. Doom on as a guest with one of the best lines in comics this year with “Richards is as sloppy as Stark is Reckless” and goes off the air after being interrupted for the last time. We see Doom walking and talking to Petra and looks like he is second-guessing himself. We soon see Kang appearing in Dooomstadt, Dr. Doom’s private study, and they have a talk and you see doom take off his iconic mask talks about the proverb of happiness before Kang teleports off to somewhere else. We see doom getting ready for bed and he goes into a room and sees a version of himself happy, married and with kids, but to doom this is nothing more than something he doesn’t need or want. Fast forward and we see the space station blown up and they came from Latveria. We see a terrorist group with the Latverian flag and the whole world wants doom’s head. After an order of full unconditional surrender, he is attacked by Union Jack and Agent Zero and at the end of the issue we see doom saying to himself “The world is not mine.”

The creative team behind this new series did a good job. Christopher Cantwell did a solid job with the writing and artist Salvador Larroca’s art was fine. There were times in the issue that the pacing was a bit off and how it ended took me by surprise because I never saw doom give up so easily unless he already has a master plan in the works. This is not a bad issue and I’ll give issue 2 a chance once it is out, for now, it’s alright.