Ahoy Captain Cats here and its time for a piece of movie news round-up so let’s go.

Reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Ryan Reynolds showed off the trailer to his newest film Free Guy. The trailer itself was odd, but not the trailer that was shown at New York Comic-Con. The trailer that was shown at NYCC wowed everyone and it sounds like it could be another hit on Reynolds’s hands and it will be released next summer.

I had no idea that they were making a new kingsmen film. According to Slashfilm the newest film is called The King’s Man and you can see the trailer here. This looks like an interesting film because it has this spy action pack film set in the early 1900s.

The Grudge will be getting a reboot. SYFY Wire reported that the film will be directed by Nicholas Pesce and produced by Sam Raimi. This sounds like this could be a great reboot if done right and with both Pesce and Raimi doing what they do best, it can be worth the watch.

Sadly over the weekend Rip Taylor, who was know was either “King of Confetti” or “The Crying Comedian” had passed away at the age of 84. Here is one video that shows how funny and creative Rip Taylor was. You will be miss Rip Taylor.

There you go that was the movie news round up.