Ahoy Captain Cats here and have some sad news to report about everyone’s favorite horseman.

Netflix released a new trailer for the upcoming six season for Bojack Horseman and it turns out it will be his last. The trailer also reveals that season six will be a two-parts, the first will be shown on October 25 of this year and the second part will be on January 31 of 2020. The final season of Bojack come after a year after its fantastic season five.

The one thing that is making me think is why canceled Tuca and Bertie after a wonderful first season if they knew Bojack was going to end with season six. Tuca and Bertie would have been a perfect replacement to Bojack and could have given Netflix something to build around and be a successful series on the same level as Bojack Horseman.

We will have a review on the first part of Bojack Horseman final season once its release on October 25.