Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look into a new independent comic company that is that will focus on the spooky and the macabre with its content and this new comic company is Machina Corpse.

Machina Corpse is the brainchild of co-creators Chandra Free and Stephen Emond. The main goal for Machina Corpse is to create a new home for their work and others who love to make content for anyone who loves all things spooky with a dark beautiful story tone at heart. In case if you’re asking yourself who are they, don’t worry I got you covered. Chandra Free is the creator of The God Machine, a dark fantasy graphic novel series. She has also done work for the following:

Ape Entertainment’s Sullengrey as a digital painter
Image’s Mice Templar as a colorist
Storm King Comic’s John Carpenter’s Tales For Halloween Night Vol 5 as an illustrator
Archaia’s Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock as an illustrator
Illustrator for Miss FD’s music video “Krampus Song”
Illustrator for an ad for SYFY Channel’ campaign “It’s a fan thing”

Stephen Emond has worked on books for young readers from MacMillan and Little Brown Books and here is a sample of what Emond has worked on:

Winter Town
Bright Light, Dark Nights
Emo Boy a comic book series he created for SLG Publishing
He worked on the art and animation for PenumBear, an IOS Platformer

The first two comics that they will create are Lonely, BK, a story about a female vampire name Seline who struggles with relationships, friends, the city life and being hungry. The other book is 1983, a prequel to an upcoming graphic novel which involves a family and a demon the nests in broken souls. Lonely, BK will be created by Free and 1983 will be created by Emond.

If Machina Corpse is something that has peeked your interest, then you’re in luck. They just started a Kickstarter to help the company get started and also help pay other creators who want their work to be published with them. They will offer bonus 36-page comic book by Free and Emond and other incentives such as:

Original comic art
Commissioned art by Emond and Free
Pins and posters

If you are going to New York Comic-Con this week you can find Chandra Free at Storm King’s booth 2304 this Thursday and Saturday at 2 pm, she will be signing copies of John Carpenter’s Tale For Halloween Night Vol 5. If you want to follow Machina Corpse on social media you can find them on:


If you like to support this new company you can via Kickstarter which starts today and ends on October 30.


Update Note: With the situation that is going on with Kickstarter and its CEO with his stand on Unions, Machina Corpse released the following statement:

“It’s been a turbulent week in the world of all things Kickstarter. Machina Corpse is pro union and supports the efforts of the workers of Kickstarter. Machina Corpse is also an upstarting company without a lot of venues to raise the money needed. Many artists have launched or are launching projects they’ve spent months or years on in an impassioned time with ongoing issues between workers and management. We hope these projects can be viewed for what they are, labors of love in need of funding and in hopes of finding support. That said, we support the union efforts and Chandra and Stephen will be gifting 10% of their earnings over the funding goal to the workers of Kickstarter and OPEIU Local 153. ” – Machina Corpse