Ahoy Captain Cats here and this week two giants in cartoons will be back on TV.

First of the two is none other than Comedy Central’s South Park. According to a Press Release made by Comedy Central, the boys will be back for their 23 season premieres this Wednesday at 10 pm ET/PT. If you miss any of the Wednesday episodes, you can watch them in HD exclusively on either South Park Studios and Hulu.

The other giant which is coming back for its 10th season is Robot Chicken. Robot Chicken will premiere this Sunday, September 29 at midnight ET/PT. The series first hit the small screen back in 2005 when it’s home, Adult Swim, was in its fourth year on late-night TV. Not only Robot chicken will be in its 10th season, but it will also hit the 200 episode mark as well.

Now we night owls have something to watch again at late night and we will have reviews on both shows next week.