Ahoy Captain Cats here and it looks like the ESA may be starting to dig its own grave if all of this is the final plan for next year’s E3.

According to Game Daily the ESA is looking to reboot E3 and take a few pages from other conventions like Gamescom and TGS and change its focus from the games to “Fan, Media, and Influencer festival.”

ESA also wants to change the floor plans to E3 as well, they want to make it into this “spider” floor plan than what they had before. Not only that but they want to tap into the Millennials and Gen Z age groups due to them being “The most giving back/ social good generations ever.” The ESA also want to introduce other things such as:

FastPass system ala Disneyland
“Member Decision Points” system
“Queuetainment” let you do something while you’re in a queue line for what you want to see
E3 Digital Ticket

All of this, to me, doesn’t sound right at all. It sounds a lot like how Fyre Festival was trying to be and look what happened to that. With also the ideal of letting 10,000 more people in and having only one day for industry, influencers, and media only is also not a good sign. Instead of making me want to go E3 next year, this is making me not want to go next year or at all.