Ahoy Captain Cats here and I hope you all had a great Batman Day because some news came out during Batman Day.

According to DC Comics via Official press release that a new creative team will take over in January of next year. The Tom King/Clay Mann run will end on issue 86 and here is the team who will replace them:

James Tynion IV- Writer (Justice League, Justice League Dark)
Tony S. Daniel – Penciller and Main Cover Artist ( Batman, Deathstroke )
Danny Miki – Inker (Superman: Year One )
Tomeu – Colorist (Batman, Detective Comics, Catwoman)

This looks like a great team, but how the way King and Mann is doing a fantastic run with the Dark Knight, this new team has some big shoes to fill in and lets hope they can live up to the legacy that many artist and writers have done over the year with Batman, the Bat-Family and his Rogues Gallery.