Ahoy Captain Cats here and this past weekend the Nightrider and I went to the second annual Fangaea and here is what we think about it.

Fangaea is a small pop culture and fandom convention, which takes place at the Scottish Rite Event Center in San Diego. This convention has the same vibe and close interaction, just like at Comic Fest and Kingdom Con, two other small conventions we attended earlier this year. The guest list they have had some big names such as:

Bill Kopp – Two Time Academy Award winner
Joe Ochman – Famous actor and voice actor in both animation and video game
Gideon Marcus – Award-winning science fiction author
Alonso Nunez – Founder and Executive Director of Little Fish Comic Book Studio
Dr. LaWana Richmond – Professor at UC San Diego
Digital Lizards of Doom – Famous local band

The artist ally and exhibitors are a bit of everything that I think is a grand mixture of everything in pop culture. From a maid cafe troop, steampunk, tabletop gamers, and anime fans, there is a bit of everything here. While the convention is small, you will have a great time interacting with vendors, guests, artists, and other people who are going to this event. This is an excellent convention for anyone who wants to test the waters with fandom and work their way up to bigger conventions and expos later down the road.

Fangaea looks like it will have a place to stay in the convention season for many years to come and hopefully you should go out and enjoy it.