Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we have a mini-movie news round up.

According to Newsarama it looks like Sony will stand their ground on the Disney break-up and not let spider-man be part of the MCU. Tony Vinciquerra, Sony Pictures Chairman and CEO stated that “For the moment the door is closed” for the MCU/Spider-Man crossover.

We now know when DC Birds of Pray will be out. There is a 30-second teaser trailer which you can see here. The trailer shows a glimpse of the film and a date of February 2020 release. No word yet from DC or Warner Bros for the moment since they are busy promoting Joker right now.

Eddie Murphy is making a comeback with a Netflix film Dolemite Is My Name. The film is based on the real-life comedy and rap pioneer legend Rudy Ray Moor who became a phenomenon with the 1970s with his alter ego Dolemite. The film will be in select theaters on October 4 and Netflix on October 25. Netflix also released an oral history as well which you can watch here.

There you go, that’s your movie news roundup.