Ahoy Captain Cats here and it has been a full year since the birth of All Elite Wrestling or AEW for short and with we have seen what all in was and it was one of the best Pay Per View of 2018, and now the big question is can ALL OUT live up to the hype it? The answer is yes, yes it did and more.

The PPV started with the “buy-in” a free viewing with two matches to show what going to happen at All Out. The first match was the 21 woman Casino Battle Royale, and it was an excellent way to start the buy-in. The winner of the Battle Royale was Nyla Rose, and she began in the first group to start the Battle Royale. Next, we had one of 3 tag team matches with Private Party defeating Angelico and Jack Evens, and this was a spot fest with tons of movement that look like it came from a video game.

Then we get to the main PPV, and the pace of the matches was great. SCU and Jurassic Express match was fun and straightforward, while Pac and Kenny Omega was hard and brutal. Then we come to the Cracker Barrel Clash and my god what a match if you ever want to see thumbtacks on a skateboard, tables, staple guns, thumbtacks, and Cracker Barrel barrels as weapons than this is your match.

We also had the second tag team match with the Dark Order beating the Best Friends; this was to me the worst match of the night until Orange Cassidy showed up. Then we saw Riho defeating Hikaru Shida in a fantastic match and show what women’s Japanese wrestling is all about and one of the best in the world next to Mexico. The Cody/ Shawn Spears match was a great old school match, full of storytelling, wrestling and shows how old school wrestling can still be done right in this day and age of wrestling.

Next was the match of the night with the Lucha Brothers taking on The Young Bucks in an Escalera De La Muerte match for the AAA World Tag Team Championship and what a match. Ladders, tables, lots and lots of tables and a Canadian Destroyer from a ladder to a table made this match a contender for Match of the Year for Tag Teams. Lastly, the main event lived up to the hype with Chris Jericho beating Adam Page to become the first-ever AEW World Championship, what a match from start to finish.

In the end, AEW All Out did live up to the hype, and with its TV show starting in October, AEW will have a lot of hype and momentum for the rest of the year.