Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review the last issue of Brain Azzarello and Lee Bermejo mini-series Batman:Damned. Just to let you know, I’m sorry if this review was very late due to I lost track of the release date of the book with what was going on at DC and not knowing when they were going to release this issue.

We see Batman waking up six feet in the ground in a wooden coffin and with the help of Swamp Thing was saved. After a beautiful exchange of words between Batman, Swamp Thing, and John Constantine, they were attacked by Enchantress and soon after she was defeated. Soon after Constantine takes Batman to see Zatanna and with Deadman they go into Batman’s past. We see once again Enchantress trying to get a deal with young Bruce Wayne, but instead, John shoots her and kills her and young Bruce. After explaining to Batman why he did it, they come back to the present, and a morgue and the Specter is there waiting. We see the truth to what happened at the beginning of this series and the end we see The Joker lives.

This book was different in the right way in terms of how it was told and an excellent supporting cast that to be honest were the stars in this mini-series. Batman in this book was the weakest in terms of how he was involved in the storyline and how everyone else was more interesting than the main character in this book. Even with the delays, this was an excellent mini-series, but with the odd launch dates for the three books and some bizarre reason made Batman boring its a series that could have been better but never the less is a good read for a mini-series.