Ahoy Captain Cats here and today is good news for fans of Tsukasa Hojo’s classic series City Hunter.

According to Anime News Network that a new live-action film based on the City Hunter series will be released in Japan this November. The film is called Nicky Larson et Parfum de Cupidon or Nicky Larson and the Cupid’s Perfume. The film was written, directed and star French actor Philippe Lacheau and Taukasa Hojo, the creator of City Hunter, approving the script. The film was released in France on February 6 of this year and made $13.3 million in the Box Office.

The film will be changed in Japan, and its title will be City Hunter the Movie: Shijo Saiko no Mission which is translated to City Hunter the Movie: The Most Aromatic Mission Ever. Once we have a chance, we will watch this film and give a review of it as soon as we can.