Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review on both the last issue and series review on Mirka Andolfo’s Unnatural.

The final issue picks up where issue #11 left off with a mini family reunion with Leslie and Maxime and things get personal and deep. I won’t spoil what happens next, but after some very intents moments and some twists and turns, we are left with an ending that I like. From beginning to end, this final issue really brought the whole series together, and this series was a great read and also something special.

The series as a whole was a HUGE roller coaster of emotion. From issue #1 till issue #12 we have seen Leslie grow from this anthropomorphic pig girl who was helpless, had no idea what was going on, and dealing with the loss of her friends and person. During this series run, she turned into this pig girl who you can’t help but be very proud of for how she took back her life. Mirka Andolfo did a fantastic job with the storytelling and the pacing, knowing when to change the pace of the story and action to bring in the reader into this world. The artwork and color for this series were gorgeous, Andolfo brought this world to life in every panel; every character, every environment was gorgeous.

In the end, Unnatural was a beautiful series that I was very fortunate enough to pick up, read to my heart’s content, and happily waited every month for a new issue to came out. If you want more proof, I had to put down Tom King/Mitch Gerads Eisner winning mini-series Mister Miracle and finished it a few months later. Also, truth be told Leslie ended up putting a smile on my face and won this old internet sea captain’s heart.