Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are going to look at the second to last issue of Unnatural with issue#11

Up until now, we see Leslie throw hell and back, with the loss of her friends, her personal and social life and just recently her pet Pif. With all of that, she decides to take back her life, and the first person she has to fight with is Albino wolf. We see that Carol is making her escape from the CRD, and as she does, we see how the children are being treated. After a word with a teacher who was beating a child and using said child and an animal shield, Carol gave the kids a right word of advice before the Shaman stops her aka Maxime aka Leslie’s mom. We get to see how far back both Carol and Maxime known each other, and it ends with a small family reunion.

This issue tied up all the loose ends that I had threw out this series, and it did a fantastic job here. The next issue will be the last issue for this breathtaking series. With the announcement of a new series that will be releasing soon as of next year, Mirka Andolfo has already left her mark in the comic world with this series, and I was lucky enough to be on broad from the very start.