Ahoy Captain Cats here and over the weekend a massive data leak happen. It came from the one place you least expected, the Entertainment Software Association or ESA for short.

It was first reported by YouTube Creator Sophia Narwitz  on August 2. That the ESA had a link which was titled “Registered Media List” and upon clicking on it, you could download a database with over 2000 member of the press and with all of their personal information. That’s right ALL OF THEIR PERSONAL INFORMATION. ESA has released a statement as follow:

“ESA was made aware of a website vulnerability that led to the contact list of registered journalist attending E3 being made public. Once notified, we immediately took steps to protect that data and shut down the site, which is no longer available. We regret this occurrence and have put measure in place to ensure it will not occur again” – Entertainment Software Association

What happened is 100% UNACCEPTABLE! Of all of the places in the world wide web, the ESA should be held 100% responsible for this atrocity.