Today on hidden gems I’m going to talk an album that is only five years old but sounds fresh as if it was released this year and it’s Home full album Odyssey.

The album was released back in 2014; this album had a bit of everything from the electronic scene and its styles that came with it. Synthwave, Vaporwave, Chillwave and throw in some experimentation with the music and for the finishing touch an ambient vibe to it, and it pretty sums up this album. No two tracks were the same, and each one has something to them to make them stand on their own. From the opening track “Intro,” “Oort Could,” “Odyssey,” “New Machine,” “Half Moon.” Each track brought something to the album in a way that it made the album feel complete and whole, which is fine but there is one track on here that really stands out and quite possibly be the standout song on this album, and that song is “Resonance.” From beginning to end of this track, it gives off this nostalgic feel and vibe to the point that I took a drive to the beach while listening to this track alone, and when I got there, the sun was setting, and that track made it even better.

Home may have only 4 LP to his name, but this album stands tall, and if you are an electronic music fan, music lover or want to find something new to listen to, then you have to put this one in your collection without a doubt.