Ahoy Captain Cats here and this week is a massive week for anime fans and its because this week is Anime Expo 2019 week.

Anime Expo is one of the largest anime conventions in North America and is one of two oldest anime conventions still running to this day, the other being A-Kon which started back in 1990, while Anime Expo started back in 1992. From its humble beginnings in Northern California for the first two years in San Jose and Oakland to moving to Southern California in Anaheim, Long Beach to its now home in Los Angles, the convention has been growing each year. This year Anime Expo will have the following:

  • Over 400+ exhibitors
  • 19 premieres
  • 500+ artist
  • 22 Guests of Honor
  • 100+ industry appearances

Not only that but they will also have a lot of activities for everyone as well, such as:

  • Academic Program– How to incorporate anime and manga into school lectures in a positive way
  • Charity Auction– Auction off one of a kind artwork, memorabilia, and other items to help organizations such as Animator’s Dormitory, CHOC, CARE, Red Cross International, and Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund.
  • AX Dance– a club vibe environment at Anime Expo with DJ from all over the world and locals as well as playing all kinds of music.
  • World Cosplay Summit USA Finals – one of the most significant cosplay events in the world! The winner of WCS USA final will travel to Nagoya, Japan as the USA representative in the Cosplay Championship in the World Cosplay Summit. Think of it as the FIFA World Cup of Cosplay with 35 countries.

Anime Expo is a must go if your an anime fan and want to see what’s new in anime and have a little taste of what’s going on in Japan and how to enjoy it. Anime Expo will run from July 4 till the 7 with a preview night on July 3.