Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review one of the best charming cartoon series of 2019, and that series is The Bravest Knight.

The series, which is streaming on Hulu, is based on a book entitled The Bravest Knight Who Ever Lived, which was written by Daniel Errico and illustration was done by Shiloh Penfield. The series main characters are Sir Cedric and Prince Andrew, a same-sex interracial couple, their adopted daughter Nia, and Sir Cedric best friend a troll name Grunt. The animation and the choice of color and setting are straightforward on the eyes and look like they came off the pages of the book and came to life right in front of you. Big Bad Boo studio, the creators of the animated series did an excellent job in bringing this world to life. The voice acting for the series is unique here, T.R. Knight and Wilson Cruz play their roles as Cedric and Andrew are fantastic, while Storm Reid and Bobby Moynihan as Nia and Grunt bring out the charm and laughs out in each episode.

While the animation was great, the show most significant selling point and strength come from its storytelling and how to bring in life lessons in the most subtle way possible. With lessons such as seeing things from someone else’s point of view to everyone makes a mistake, the series writing staff deserve a lot of the credit to what they bring to the table for this show.

The Bracest Knight may only have five episodes out just now, but like the old saying goes “Quality over Quantity” and Big Bad Boo studio show off the quality of the show, they can always make up the numbers later, but as long as the quality stays the same.