Ahoy Captain Cats here and today it’s another adventure in the anime news roundup!

On June 19, officials of Shibuya, one of 23 city wards of Tokyo, has passed a bill to ban drinking in public during Halloween and New Year’s Eve. According to Anime News Network, the bill states that drinking outside in the open in the streets, parks and other parts of Shibuya and of course Shibuya Station will now be ban during these two-holiday events. They also banned such other things as climbing on street lights and making loud noises with the use of audio equipment. The reason for this bill was for what happened last year when police had to arrest ten men, both citizen and foreigners for turning a truck over during it’s Halloween celebration.

First, it was Slayers, now another classic Swords and Sorcery series is making its grand return this year! According to the official twitter account of Kadokawa’s Sneaker Bunko, that Records of Lodoss War is coming back after 12 years since the last story. Series creator Ryo Mizuno has created a new story for the series and illustration will be done by Hidari. The new story will take place on Lodoss Island 100 years after the time and events of Parn and Spark. The new story was originally to be shipped on April 1st but now has a new release date of August 1st of this year.

Everyone favorite cat robot from the 22nd century will have a 1 hour special to celebrate his 40 anniversary on TV. According to Anime News Network TV Asahi will air the special on July 19 of this year. They also released the names of the episode, and they are

  • Story one: Color-Patterned Doraemon
  • Story two: A Way to Walk on the Ocean Floor Without Going to the Ocean
  • Story three: Summer Vacation in the 22nd Century

Earlier this year they aired a remake of the series very first episode on April 5. On behalf of the crew here we wish Doraemon a happy 40th anniversary.

There you go that’s your anime news roundup!