Today on hidden gems we are going to look at a hip hop group that you may have never heard of, but they are bringing something new to the table, and that group is Abstract Orchestra.

The group was founded by The Haggis Horns saxophonist Rob Mitchell back in 2017. This hip hop group is a big band, yes you read that a big bang hip hop group from Leeds in the U.K. The group’s first album was released on June 30, 2017, and that album was “Dilla.” This album was a love letter to the music that J Dilla and it was a great album. Later they release their second back on November 2 of last year, and it was “Madvillain Vol. 1.” This album was massive, it got everything that made the 2004 classic album “Madvillainy” so special. The sound of the big band style to Madlibs beats with no one singing except for the background was incredible. I thought this was never going to work, but I was wrong, and I’m so glad I was wrong. Last month on May 24, the group released their current album “Madvillain Vol. 2” and just like Vol 1, Vol 2 was terrific.

This group took a significant risk on recreating hip hop into a big band style, and they got it to work. I, for one, can not wait for them to come out with another album and see what they will do next.