Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’ll be reviewing the grand return of the unofficial mascot of the workforce in both Japan and the world, and that is Aggressive Retsuko.

The second season picks up a few months after the X-Mas special, and it’s springtime and that means new recruits are entering the workforce and the company that our beloved red panda works for has a new person who is not what he seems. Not only that, but her mother comes over to not only see Restuko life choices but to set her up with an arranged marriage. While all of this, she has to deal with getting a driver’s license, try to get her best friends back together again, falling in love again and finding herself. This time around, we see her grow not only as a character but as a person in season two.

The situations at her work and personal life are like that of us, it never gets easy, and once we think it is, it gets even harder. We also see something that brings up a good question, how people think of marriage and whether or not it’s what everyone wants. Not only that, but another question is how the workforce is changing, for better or for worse it may or may not stay the same, and that’s not good.

The end of this season, it did leave somewhat on a sour note, it ended the same way as of season 1, and I didn’t like that, it felt like a cop-out, but I hope it does get a season 3. Aggressive Retsuko season 2 is a hit with a lackluster ending like the first season, I think they should do a season 3 and tie up all the loose ends and finish this series at season 3, anything more than three and I think the series will lose it shine and impact.