Ahoy Captain Cats here and today the gang at ISIS is at it again with a new setting, side characters and new ways to make Cyrill feel bad for himself in the first episode of season 10 of Archer in “Bort the Garj.”

First off this season of Archer is titled “Archer:1999,” and you guessed it, it all takes place in space within Archer’s head due to he still in a coma. We see that the gang slowly wakes up in space pods like the ones used in the alien series and after Archer does something to Cyrill pod, we know it’s not going to be that type of epic space opera. We see a lot of nods to previous seasons such as the name of the ship, Babou, Cheryl/Carol pet ocelot and the password 934TXS next to him. We also see how the crew looks and looks the same except Pam, who looks like a space golem.

We see the crew back into doing what they do best, fighting and getting themselves into trouble in the stupidest ways possible. We also see Berry return as well and add some more nonsense and you get what might be the oddest but funniest season to date.

Overall season 10 is starting in the right way and the season hasn’t missed a beat or its charm of previous seasons. Let us see if next week episode “Happy Borthday” will keep this season going, or not.