DC Vertigo released trailer for The Kitchen

Ahoy Captain Cats here and we see Vertigo is at it again. DC Vertigo just released a trailer for its upcoming film The Kitchen, which is based on a mini series Vertigo released back in 2015. The film will be based on the mini series that was created by Ollie Master, Ming Doyle and Becky Cloonan. Both the film and series takes place in the 1970’s hell’s kitchen where an Irish gang rules the neighborhood. The main story involves three house wives who husband got lock up and they have to take care of the “business” one way or another. The film has Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss portraying Kathy Brennan, Ruby O’Carroll and Claire Walsh, the main characters from the mini series. While some of the aspects of the comic series were change for the film, they kept the tone and violence the same.

I have read the series back when it was released so ill do an review sometime in the following weeks.