Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I have some news for you, one a returning series that going to start this Wednesday and the other begins later this year.

Over the weekend the official trailer for Archer season 10 with the release date of this Wednesday. The official name of this season is “Archer:1999” and it takes place in space, so ya let that sink in. Fan of the series will tune in and those who haven’t seen it at all, give the first episode a shot.

Another announcement happened over the weekend was in MomoCon. The video which you can see here have series creator Vivienne Medrano saying that the series, Hazbin Hotel will have an October 2019 release. This is one of the series that I have on my must-watch list due to being it is different, fresh, and entirely out on left field, add that all together and you have a hit series that came out of nowhere.