Ahoy captain Cats here and today we are talking about grand return of the working class hero known to the world as Retsuko.

She was first introduced back in 2016 on TBS Television in Japan and became a mega-hit with not just anime fans but to the Japanese working class women as well because they deal with the same situations as the overworked red panda office worker does on a daily basis. In 2018 Netflix ordered ten episodes. 15 minutes each and was released to the world on April 20, 2018, and she became the icon of this generation of female workers around the globe.

Fast for to 2019, and she has returned with season 2 with a trailer that you can see here. It looks like we will see how she will deal with love, life, and more death metal than before. Season 2 will be on Netflix on June 14 of this year. We will have a review on the series once it is out on Netflix.