Ahoy Captain Cats here and it’s that time of the year again with E3. With Sony and EA either not being at the show at all or are but to a point, this year could be a make or break for the convention. With that being said here are the things we, the crew and I would like to see at this year E3.

Microsoft new console – With tons of PS5 leaks coming left and right of us, I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft did it during there press conference, but the big question would be if they keep the cool project name this time for it or not.

Big news from Sega – Sega is getting a lot of love and showing a lot of this year. With the genesis mini, the new sonic game not sucking at all and listening to their fans, it looks like the sky the limit for them. Now would be an excellent time to make some big news from like say either going back into the console war, bringing PSO2 to the west or maybe bring back an old classic franchise from the dead. I’m going out on a limb here and say maybe a Sega Saturn and Dreamcast mini?

New games and hardware – Every year we will see a ton of new game footage of new games and hardware. Maybe this year we might get to see the next big thing, or not depending on it.

More news on Google new video game project– ¬†Google announced this back in GDC, the world was popping for this, and since then not a word. Let’s see if they will make a presentation at this year E3 or not.

New Game from Nintendo – Now would be a good time for them to make any kind of an announcement for a new game by them.

The release date for Cyberpunk 2077 -If there were a great time to do it, it would be now and with a bang.

There you go this is what we would like to see at this year E3. Also, we will not be doing an article for video games next week; we will be doing a special podcast once we see it all and break it all down.