Ahoy Captain Cats here and its time for another adventure in anime news roundup!

Eleven Arts is giving us a one-two punch of news. First, they have announced that they will be showing the digital remaster version of Satoshi Kon’s classic Millennium Actress. According to Anime News Network the film will be in theaters in the US on August 13 and 19 if you haven’t seen this film yet now you can on the big screen. Eleven Arts also announced that Penguin Highway would have a home release on August 6 of this year.

SLAYERS FANS REJOICE! A new volume of novel series will be released in October! According to Anime News Network series creator Hajime Kanzaka stated that the series would be back on it’s home publisher Fujimi Shobo this July and volume 16 will be out this October. The series has been around since 1989, and this year it will celebrate its 30 anniversary.

Lastly, film director Mamoru Oshii has announced that he is working on a new anime series. According to anime anime the new series that Oshii will be releasing in 2020 is something he wanted to work on for almost ten years. Oshii is famous for working on Urusei Yatsura Only You and its second film Urusei Yatsura 2 Beautiful Dreamer, Mobile Police Patlabor the Movie and the 1995 anime film classic Ghost in the Shell.

And that’s your anime news roundup!