It’s that time of the year again, convention season is upon us, and this year there is more chances and opportunities to go to any of them now.

From now till maybe the end of the year each month has a big event or convention going on all over the world. This month alone with have events such as MegaCon Orlando, Kawaii Kon, Anime Messe Berlin, Motor City comic con, and MCM London. In the upcoming months, we will have other events and conventions such as E3, Anime Expo, SDCCC, Tokyo Game Show, Blizzcon, Comiket, Gamescon, GenCon, DragonCon, NYCC, LACC, and the list goes on. Also, don’t pass on the little one in your town or city; they could be a hidden gem that you may be missing out on. It’s alright if you can’t make it to a few that you want to go to, there is always next year and more time to plan out your trip!

Hopefully, the crew and I will try to make it out more to other conventions as well and try to see what else is out there in this crazy pop culture world.