Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we dive into the last story arc to unnatural.

This one is all over the place but in the right way. We see how people see Leslie in the public eye and not knowing the real reason and full story about what is going on. We also get to see the people who work or “knew” her talk behind her back on what was she like and who has she become thanks to the media. We also see a group of kids in a classroom being educated about what their parents did was wrong, and whether they like it or not the kids have to be there. We also see Leslie fighting to gain control of her body again and when all else fails she made a choice that may or may not be the right choice.

Mirka Andolfo set this issue up in a way that somehow makes sense on how the last story arc will be told. From seeing the past two story arcs being told from a different point of view and see where this could end kept me invested. It looks like this series may end with a bang, and I can’t wait to read issue 10 to see what is going to happen but yet just thinking about it also gives me a sad feeling that a beautiful hidden gem of a series will end soon.