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In this installment of Hidden Gems, we’ll look at the album Íntimamente, released in 1980 and is the fourth album by Mexican singer Emmanuel. Translated in English as Intimately, Íntimamente is Emmanuel’s most successful album. Under the direction of famous Spanish ballad composer Manuel Alejandro, Íntimamente is an excellent example of how a successful album is made: all songs are hits, no errors or weak elements, great musical composition and excellent lyrics that match the tone of the song. Here are a few pieces for investigation:

  • The first track of Íntimamente is the song “Insoportablemente Bella.” This song is a faithful cover made famous by the Nicaraguan singer Hernaldo Zúñiga.
  • An example of an “un-love” song is the piece “El Día Que Puedas.”This song is about immediately walking out of a relationship gone bad thanks to infidelity.
  • “Con Olor a Hierba” is a love song that makes great use of the harmonica. In simplest terms, the lyrics of “Con Olor a Hierba” compares being with your lover with the scent of a never-ending grassy field.
  • To end this list, we conclude with the famous “Todo Se Derrumbó Dentro De Mí.” Unlike “El Día Que Puedas,” “Todo Se Derrumbó Dentro De Mí” is an un-love song about someone breaking apart after the discovery of their lover being unfaithful. When one listens to the lyrics there is pain and hurt; the lyrics describe how one’s dreams burn, and one’s body breaks into tears.

Íntimamente is one of those albums that never grow old with a bonus: every song is a hit. Great albums aren’t made just by singers alone: they need a great songwriter/composer that knows what to do.