Ahoy Captain Cats here and today like I said in last week article on the 40th anniversary of alien; I’m going to review all six short films for the Alien 40th anniversary project.

Alien: Containment – This short film follows a small group of survivors who are on an escape shuttle after setting their ship to self destruct, but they soon find out that one of them is infected. This one set the tone for the whole project and reminds us it doesn’t need to take much to show us the horror in this series universe and at what cost.

Alien: Specimen – This short all takes place in a colony greenhouse where we see a botanist name Julie is trapped with her guard dog and are up against a Facehugger. This one was one of the best out of the short films due to the atmosphere and the suspense of “will they or won’t they” make it out alive till help comes.

Alien: Night Shift – This short takes place in a colony storeroom where two workers and two supply ship crew members find themselves in the middle of an outbreak. This one was the weakest of the short films while a lot of the story and setting didn’t click at all at times, the writing shine and saved this one.

Alien: Ore – This short center around a group of miners who found an alien thousands of feet below the surface of the colony where they work at and need to make a choice. From beginning to end this one puts a lot of the other main full length to shame due to how it makes you get invested in such a short time and wanting to know if they killed it or not. Mikela Jay who played Lorraine Hawkes stole the spotlight in this one.

Alien: Harvest – This short follows a small group of survivors trying to get off a ship that is on a collision course with a comet and the only thing that is in its way to the escape shuttle is an alien. Very suspenseful from start to finish, will remind you of the last moments of Alien film in the right way.

Alien: Alone – This short we see a synthetic, who is the last surviving member of a ship form a bond with a facehugger and will do anything to protect it. This was a fascinating film, Taylor Lyons who played Hope did a one-woman show, and she made you feel for the synthetic and how the way it ended will make a fan think.

Overall all of the short films are wonderful and maybe the last great thing 20th century Fox created before being taken over by Disney, Each cast and crew member who worked on these film put a lot of work, love, and respect to not only for themselves but to the franchise as well, and it shows.