Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review the newest episode of the Doom Patrol, and it’s “Cyborg Patrol.”

We see Cyborg at the Ant Farm, the home base of the Bureau of Normalcy and it doesn’t look great for him as we see him going into madness. Cyborg’s dad, Silas Stone goes to Doom Manor and ask the team to help him find Cyborg, once they discover where he is at, Larry helps to locate the Ant Farm, and they create a plan to go in and escape as a whole. Cyborg finds out that he can talk to his next door cellmate who is sitting in a recliner and watching tv, but oddly enough he can hear what’s going on in Cyborg’s mind and tell him to quit it so he can watch his show. We see the team going into the Ant Farm and look like they were sold out by Silas, but is part of the plan and we see the madness of what happens when all the other held inmates were set loose which include a herd of “butt” monsters. In the end, we see Cyborg fights and kills his dad, and it was all of Mr. Nobody plan to make an example of Cyborg of what happens if you are looking for Mr. Nobody.

Why the episode was excellent from start to finish, it was dark and heartbreaking at the end, and it showed that Mr. Nobody could be the darkest supervillain we have seen in any superhero series to date. To do what he did to Cyborg, laugh at it and show the team that he is someone to not mess with makes the Joker look like a small fry. Next week we might get to see Flex Mentallo in “Flex Patrol.”