Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to review a series on Netflix called Cupcake & Dino: General Services.

The series follows two brothers name Cupcake, who is a cupcake with a Napoleon complex and his T-Rex fun-loving brother Dino, yes I know sounds like the odd couple but for kids and your right but there is more to that. They both run a company that does nothing but general services aka odd jobs; a good example would be their grandmother told the boys to take her date home so she can go on another date with someone else, don’t ask.

The series takes place in a town, in which the rest of the cast is made up of food, animals, objects, mythical creatures and of course humans. The series is a mix of live action and animation, and it’s done very well here. The show look, feel, and the color is like one big colorfest to the eyes, which is not a bad thing at all. The writing is all around funny and at times very smart. The voice acting is on par with how the series is, one big mess of fun and enjoyment. Justin Collette and Mark Little who voice Cupcake and Dino do a great job bringing these two to life in such a way only they can.

With two seasons ready to watch, season one was by far the best.; it was amusing all around and very smart and witty at times. Season two, on the other hand, was a hit and miss, some episodes were good while others were head scratching and not worth watching.

Overall Cupcake & Dino is an excellent show with a few bumps in the road. Sit down and either watch it with friends, family or just for yourself and have a good time.