Today on Hidden Gems we are going to talk about the song that was played during The Joker trailer and that song is “Smile.”

The song was composed by none other than Charlie Chaplin as a musical piece for the final scene of his movie Modern Times. As we see how the scene plays out we hear the instrumental play, one can listen to the sad tone and sorrow to it and you even see The Tramp telling his female companion to smile and they walk off to the unknown and this was 1936.

Later in 1954 John Turner and Geoffrey Parson wrote lyrics to smile and was soon then sung by Nat King Cole and throughout the years there was many version of this song sung by many different artists and here is a list of some of the many who did:

This brings us to the version that was used for The Joker trailer, which was sung by The Great Schnozzola himself, Jimmy Durante. The way Durante sings this song gives it a happy go lucky sound, with a hint of his charm that made him a star over the years.

So next time if you listen to this song or see The Joker trailer again, just remember that this song has some history and beautiful versions to it.