Ahoy Captain Cats here and today I’m going to talk about a film that will turn 40 soon, and that film is Ridley Scott sci-fi horror masterpiece Alien.

Alien was released on May 25, 1975, the story of a crew in space who finds something as they explore a planet and ending up bringing something back which started killing off the crew members one by one in a deadly game of cat and mouse in space. Upon its release, no other sci-fi film was like this at that time, and with a budget between 9-11 million, the average moviegoer would think that it was some kind of a “B flick” film and boy were we were all wrong after we all seen this film for the first time.

From the grand scale of the Nostromo, the haunting look on the moon planet LV-426, the alien spaceship, the “Space Jockey,” and even to how the iconic alien came to be was something no one ever saw before. The alien design was created by Swiss artist H. R. Giger, who was known for his biomechanical artwork.

The film would go on to win an Oscar, 2 BAFA, a Hugo Award, 3 Saturn Awards, and 2 San Sebastian International Film Festival awards and a franchise to boot.

Next week I will be reviewing six short films that take place in the alien universe.