Ahoy Captain Cats here and today we are doing a two for one review on Doom Patrol with “Hair Patrol” and “Frances Patrol.”

Hair Patrol shows more of Niles past, and we saw he used to work for The Bureau of Normalcy back in 1913. We see why he was there more and later in the episode. We also see the other half of what was happening during the events of “Jane Patrol,” and we are introduced to a new character in Ernest Franklin, better known as The Beard Hunter, yes you read that, The Beard Hunter. The Bureau asks The Hunter to find Niles and while he goes to the Doom Manor and we see what happen. We also understand that Niles will throw his team under the bus to protect what he loves most.

Frances Patrol was an emotional episode. We see Cliff and Rita, with the help of Jane, in a bar where Cliff’s daughter Clara works at and is also where they had Bump’s service due to his death to Frances, a giant gator. We also see Larry reconnect with his former lover John, who is much older and dying talk about what happened to them both after they went their separate ways. Vic finding out his OS is slowly taking over his body and making him more machine than man, goes with Jane to find a man name Flex Mentallo, how also goes by the “Hero of the Beach,” and it doesn’t end so well for Vic.

Hair Patrol and Frances Patrol both showcase how far the series can go with a storyline that will pay off in time. We find out how far Niles will go to protect what he cares most, even if it means letting his team die and who he is. We see how each team member is coming to terms to their delimas, both good and bad and see where they want to go next.

Next week episode is “Cyborg Patrol,” and it looks like it is going to pick up where Frances Patrol left off.