Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats, and today we have another adventure with the DOOM PATROL with “Jane Patrol.”

We find out what the “Underground” is and its all in Jane’s head. We are introduced to more of Jane’s different personas with how they see themselves inside her head. After some heated words were exchange, Jane wanted to have some “me” time inside her head and what to find out why she like this. Outside in the real world, we see the rest of the team trying to find out what is going on with Jane and soon we see the Negative Spirit and Cliff going inside Jane’s head and see what is going on. We know how the other personas treat Cliff and do what they can to either help or hurt him. Soon Cliff finds Jane and helps her fight off a monster version of her father, and soon when that is over, we see them back to the real world.

This episode was great but also hunting in what was the reason of what made Jane who she is. Diane Guerrero and Brendan Fraser put an excellent performance in this one and the many others who portray all of Jane’s other persona were fantastic as well. After seeing this episode, you can’t help but feel for Jane, not as a character but as a person who had to deal with what she went through.

Next week episode is titled “Hair Patrol,” yes you read that, and even I don’t know what is going on.