Starting this Friday, WWE will be going all out with its upcoming event Wrestlemania and its a three-day event with NXT takeover New York on Friday, The Hall of Fame on Saturday and the main event on Sunday. While many wrestling fans believe that Wrestlemania is the “show of shows” and for the past five years it hasn’t, Wrestlemania may not be the best of it’s kind, but it does bring people together for better and for worse. I know that this year will be long, very very long, but I’m going to watch it with my friends and family because it brings us all together and we get to enjoy ourselves for the next 6-8 hours. With great food, drinks, laughing and boxes and boxes of donuts, it doesn’t matter if the Heels or Babyfaces win or lose, as long as we can get together and have fun, I call it a win-win in my book. Later next week and during in the next upcoming podcast we are going to give it a review and compare it to NJPW Wrestle Kingdom and HOR G1 Supercard as well.