Hi all Captain Cats here and we are going to do the second half of the Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, and at the end, I’ll give my overall review.

The Third episode/film is titled “Space for Murder,” and almost the entire episode takes place in the top-secret military facility. We see the relationship between Peregrine and James grow and also for the Birdside siblings. While this was an ok episode, it was slow paced and to be honest kind of annoying, and I lost interest about a good 30 minutes in due to it wasn’t enjoyable and like before a plodding pace until the last 20 minutes of this one.

The fourth and final episode to this season is titled “Seasoned Murder,” and it was the best episode besides the first episode. The story for this one that a chef is found dead in Samuel Birdside’s ex-sister in culinary law school. This one was great until the end which left a bad taste in my mouth, the last 5-10 minutes left of the episode. The episode made up for what “Space for Murder” wasn’t but the ending killed it for me, and that is sad.

After watching four episodes, 8 hours in total is this worth the watch, and I would have to say yes and no. Yes because they tried something different here and they did a great job with the setting and environment and gave off a 60’s vibe to it, but with the storytelling, the long 2 hours and a cast who started great but ended up being a bit boring and predictable. I would pass on this one unless you want to give it a try and see for yourself how the ’60s were in Australia.