Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. This week we see what is going to happen to the team in this weeks adventure entitled “Doom Patrol Patrol.”

We pick up where last week’s “Paw Patrol” left off with Mr. Nobody made Cyborg blew up his hand cannon, and we see Cyborg’s dad showing up to repair him and Robotman. Larry, Rita, and Jane goes off to the original Doom Manor and see it looking like it hasn’t aged in years and meet face to face to the first Doom Patrol. Here we see the team that the chief never talks about to the rest of the team, except for Rita who first met them before current events. From here we see what is going on and to the shock of the current team, the once beautiful manor and ageless members were nothing more than but a lie by the hands of an old Steve Dayton aka Mento. Joshua Clay, who is a metahuman and the caretaker for the team, explain to the three what happen to them after the team’s last battle with Mr. Nobody and this was the result. We see Rita going to Mento and telling him she wasn’t going to end up like them and she is going to change. While all of this is happening, Cyborg ask Robotman to keep an eye on him while his dad shut him down and do repairs on him and not change anything about him, in exchange for helping him to see his daughter’s “Facebook” account, and once he does, he didn’t like what he saw.

This episode we saw more into Rita’s passed and it wasn’t pretty. From almost being used to get work in Hollywood, to getting romantically involved with Mento and we see a young girl dying in front of her, and she knew who she was and it showed that Rita has a lot of skeletons in her closet. This was a Rita episode, and while the others had their moment, this was all Rita, and in the end, she grew into a new person. While this episode was a slow burn and a little to none payoff, we did get a fantastic ending segment with Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” playing in the background, so I guess it was an ok ending.

Next week we’ll have the review for the next DOOM PATROL episode “Therapy Patrol.”