Ahoy me mateys Captain Cats here. WonderCon is a week away, and one of the companies that will be there and quickly has become a favorite to many is Cryptozoic. Yesterday they released what they will be having at WonderCon and here is the list and what we think of them.

Golden Goddess Classic Harley Quinn
This 7-inch figure is part of the Golden Goddess series that has been quite popular. They will have a total of 250 of them and will go for sale for $40. They went with the classic Harley Quinn, and i would pass on this because I would say get their DC Bombshells series, they look gorgeous. If your a Harley Quinn fan and love this series this is for you.

Blackfire DC Lil Bombshells series 3
This 2.75 inch variant of the DC bombshell series looks excellent for its size. There will be 300, and they will go for $25. This is a nice one, and if you want to give someone a nice gift, I would go for this.

Rick and Morty Season 2 Trading Cards
Cryptozoic will have 3 WonderCon exclusive cards that are printed on high-quality metal, and they are:

Morty high school card
The President of the United States

There will be 250 of each card and will go for $10 each. If your a fan of the hit show go, pick them up before they are gone.

There you go with what they will have at WonderCon.